Donuts come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.  They can weigh up to 1.7 tons or be as tiny as to not even be considered a donut at all. There’s square ones, round ones, and even braided ones. You might find them for $.99 at your local convenience store, but where can you find the most expensive donuts in the world?

1. Ryan and Roula’s Shipley Donuts

Let’s start with a donut that was sold for charity.  It’s a regular donut, something that you’d buy at a convenience store.  It was, however, auctioned off for $5200 to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina by Houston radio station KMHX-FM.  The disc jockeys Ryan and Roula placed this add on eBay for the donut:

“You are bidding on the official “Roula and Ryan Show” HOT, GLAZED, DELICIOUS, SHIPLEY DONUT. In addition to this TASTY treat, the highest bidder of the donut will have the opportunity to appear on The Roula and Ryan Show LIVE in the MIX 96.5 Studios here in beautiful Houston, Texas. If you do not live in the Houston area, we will have the donut shipped to you.


By winning the bid on this auction, you will be helping many thousands of people that have been victimized by Hurricane Katrina and those are seeking refuge in the Bayou City.

Thank you for your donation and your efforts to make this the Most Expensive Donut In The World!!!!!!!”


2. Krispy Kreme U.K. Does It Again

Moving on to another donut that was sold for the sake of charity, we’re hopping across the pond to the local Krispy Kreme. This donut, priced at $1685, was created for a children’s charity.

 Introducing the World’s Most Expensive Doughnut… #KrispyKremeEliteTreat

It’s hard to even see what’s on the donut with all of the accouterments, like the white chocolate lotus, the Dom Perignon jelly, and the 24-karat gold leaf. It’s quite the luxurious donut. We weren’t sure about whether people would eat the donut or simply let it stay on its golden pedestal.

3. Donutopia

The next donut that we’re going to talk about is the “Donutopia” from Canadian donut shop Dolicious Donuts.  Most of their Donuts look like pieces of art, but not as much as this one. This one has 24-karat gold flakes, ice wine-infused filling, and edible diamonds. Edible diamonds! This one pulls out all the stops and can be had for $100 per donut. If you’re in that shop and aren’t willing to shell out that kind of cash, take a look at their nuclear scorpion donut.  That one uses LOTS of hot peppers.


4. The Cristal Ube Donut

Finally, we’re going to wrap up the most expensive donut roundup with one from New York.  This one can be ordered on Fridays from the Manilla Social Club in Brooklyn.  Chef Bjorn DelaCruz designed the Cristal Ube Donut, crafting it from yam and topping it with Braven White IPA icing.  Add a bit of Cristal and gold leaf, and you have a good 100 dollar donut.  We’ve never had a donut made with yam, but we figure that it’s got to be well worth it for those prices.