This Valentine’s Day, make donuts your love language and put a ring on it! There are so many ways to share them. From yummy edible arrangements to visually-appetizing accessories, these Valentine’s Day gift ideas donut disappoint.

Donut Bouquets

Forget a dozen roses, this Valentine’s Day, give the gift of a dozen donuts. But think outside the box and impress your sweetheart with a unique donut bouquet or “doughquet” as we like to call it. Available in his and her varieties, these beautifully wrapped arrangements smell way better than roses and come in an assortment of gourmet flavors. Just stick them in a pot of coffee and breakfast is served.

Donut Mugs 

Speaking of coffee…coffee and donuts are almost as perfect a pair as you and your beau. So consider giving the donut lover in your life a handy coffee mug sprinkled with some witty words of wisdom, or even better, with an attached donut compartment. Genius! They can take the mug to the office or use it at home. Either way, you’ll help make their day a hole lot better.

Monthly donut subscription

Why not make Valentine’s Day every month with a donut box subscription. They’ll get surprised with a dozen freshly baked gourmet donuts every month in a cute package and in a custom flavor of your choice. Another great option is a DIY donut subscription box that includes everything needed to make their own delicious donuts at home. Not only does a monthly donut subscription show your significant other that you’re sweet on them but that you’re not afraid of commitment. Don’t worry, there are different “levels of commitment” to choose from to cater to every relationship status. 

Donut Shoes

Slip a pair of glitzy donut shoes on your valentine and you two will live happily ever after. Hey, It worked for Cinderella. Just make sure you get the right size or you could end up with the ugly step sister. Choose the perfect glazed slipper from a variety of flats to hightops decorated in vibrant colors with different cute hand-painted donut designs. Or you can let your bae decorate their existing shoes with cool iron-on donut decals and glittery donut shoe clips

Donut jewelry

You know what they say, diamonds donuts are a girl’s best friend. So, if you’re shopping for some hoops, better make sure they come with some sprinkled bling. You can find donut-themed jewelry from earrings to rings to necklaces and charm bracelets that look realistic enough to eat! But be careful. You may be tempted to take a little nibble next time you go in for a smooch and end up with a cracked tooth.