The 7 Best Donut Shops in America

If you consider yourself a donut connoisseur, then this article was made for you. Click here to discover the 7 best donut shops in America.

Have you ever wondered what the best donut shops in the US are?

Stretching from New York to Hawaii, each store has its own unique flavors, preparation methods, and locally sourced ingredients.

There’s a lot more in a donut that just the dough. It takes time, dedication, hard work and tons of creativity to make signature donuts that people will love.

And if you’re a donut fanatic like us, you’ll want to hop in your car and go on a donut road trip across the country.

So keep reading to discover the most iconic donut shops in the US.

1. Dough – New York City, NY

Located in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Dough is a New York City staple for fluffy, seriously delicious donuts.

Their flavors are inspired by the culture and tradition of Latin America and you can see how the donuts are made right there in the shop.

Dough’s best donut flavor is the Hibiscus, made with extracts from real Mexican hibiscus.

2. Blue Star Donuts – Portland, OR

Blue Star Donuts is based in Portland, Oregon, with a few more shops throughout the state and in California.

They pride on using local ingredients for the donuts and their mission is to make people happy with their flavors.

Blue Star’s signature donut is the Cointreau Creme Brule that comes with a small pipette filled with orange liqueur.

3. Sugar Shack – Richmond, VA

The donuts by Sugar Shack of Richmond, VA have been voted among the tastiest in the US for years in a row.

They have stores in several locations across the state, serving fresh, handmade donuts. Sugar Shack thrives on their sense of community and sources a lot of its ingredients locally.

Their most popular donuts are the Bacon Maple and the Red Velvet, so prepare to stand in a long line to get them.

4. District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew – New Orleans, LA

District is undoubtedly one of the best donut shops in New Orleans. They make everything from scratch, including the donut sprinkles and use natural ingredients, flavors, and colors.

District has over 100 different donut flavors and glazes rotating daily, so hurry up and get in line!

5. Do-Rite Donuts – Chicago, IL

Do-Rite Donuts in Chicago, IL rotate their flavors often, so if you have a favorite, you may not find it on a particular day.

Their unpredictability and the impeccable taste of their donuts make them one of Chicago’s most frequented donut shops.

Some of their best flavors include Pistachio-Meyer Lemon, Cinnamon Crunch, Michigan Apple Fritter and Buttermilk Old Fashioned.

6. Donut Bar – San Diego, CA

Donut Bar, based in San Diego and Las Vegas, offers mouth-watering, yeast-raised fresh donuts.

Their signature flavors include Homer’s Donut, Cake Batter, Creme Brule, Big Poppa Tart Donut and Monte Cristo.

7. Leonard’s Bakery – Oahu, HI

If you find yourself in Oahu craving some Portuguese donuts, Leonard’s Bakery is your destination.

The malasadas made this place popular and they’ve been their biggest hit ever since the store opened in 1952.

These donuts without holes come sugar-coated, with or without filling.

What are the best donut shops you’ve ever been to? We’d Love to Know!

You can find regular donuts on every corner, but to find the finest, most exquisite donuts out there, you may need to travel across the country.

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