Hurray! We made it to 2021! Many of us with 20 or 21 extra pounds, mind you, but it’s not our fault. The pandemic has kept us cooped up in our houses. Gyms are closed and our fridges are open as we eat and drink our stresses away and comfort ourselves with moments of sweet indulgence. Among those sweets is undoubtedly donuts. Whether you order them in or make them at home, here are the 5 donut trends influencing the confectionary world in 2021:

Retro Rings

This year it’s all about reliving your childhood favorites. On the menu are ice cream-inspired flavors such as chocolate mint, traditional dessert flavors like carrot cake, and retro treats, including licorice, cola, and even Oreo. This March, Oreo is coming out with a limited time Strawberry Frosted Sprinkled Donut flavor! These vanilla cookies will be stuffed with a blend of double-layer pink-colored, strawberry-flavored creme and donut-flavored cream, topped with rainbow sprinkles! Cue Homer Simpson drooling.

Old Fashion “Not so Plain”

Classic donuts will never go out of style. They are so simple and pure, perfect for dipping into a cup of hot coffee, and sold in virtually every bakery or grocery store. For those looking to try something a bit different but not unfamiliar, classic flavors with a twist are a great choice. Fans of donuts with salted caramel, for example, will be pleasantly surprised biting into a miso caramel pillowy ring. This Japanese inspired ingredient brings a caramel nuttiness and its saltiness enhances the sweet flavor notes. Expect to see miso infused in many donut offerings leading up to the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.

Donut Forget Your Vegetables

Trying to get your full servings of fruit and vegetables has never been easier thanks to donuts. Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch, but donuts made with fruits and vegetables have to count towards nutrition recommendations, right? Either way, we are sure to see more innovative pairings of fruits and vegetables with chocolate. Think chocolate donuts with avocado icing or mixed with beetroot. There will also be influence from botanical and floral flavors like pandan, matcha, basil, lavender, bergamot, clementine, rose, and hibiscus to name a few. These flavors are sure to delight people looking for a vegan donut alternative or just trying to sneak some more greens into their diets.

Boozy Bakes

Probably almost as essential as donuts in the pandemic survival stash is alcohol. So it’s no surprise bakers are marrying the two into the perfect comfort food. Liquor flavors such as pink lemonade, Long Island Tea, Tequila, and Mojito put an adult spin on popular sugary fried rings. Another predicted trend will be flavored gin linked with fantasy-inspired confections like dragons- and dinosaur-themed donuts. Just make sure to keep these special grown-up snacks away from the kids.

With so many exciting donut flavors to enjoy this year, we’ll all need to be rolled out of our houses once the lockdowns are lifted. Which donut trend are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.