There’s a hefty price to pay for eating fried dough, and I’m not just talking about the $5.00 crazy donut concoctions that are breaking the internet. Our hips, tummies, booties, and thighs are the real ones paying the price for our sugary obsessions. As delicious as donuts are, they’re not the healthiest snack option out there. In fact, no one ever really put donuts and healthy together in the same sentence; that is, until now thanks to new fat-­burning donuts and these simple donut-­eating tips.

Donut Healthy Donuts are a Real Thing

Forget the cronut, it’s all about the #pronut—donuts that are made healthy AND taste delicious. Yes, we can finally have both! One whole donut has only 145 calories. 3.5g of sugar, 9g fat. Compare that to the classic Apple Fritter that has a whopping 390 calories on average, 20g of fat and 28g of sugar.

NUFF Natural Unprocessed Fat Burning Food

So who do we have to thank for the greatest confection known to man? A company in the UK called NUFF (Natural Unprocessed Fat Burning Food) is behind the healthy donuts and other healthy junk foods like cookies and brownies all under 160 calories! They’ve managed to eliminate many of the not-so-good stuff in donuts and added healthy ingredients like raw cacao, nuts, fruit and coconut oil that increase metabolism and help with fat loss. NUFF said!

Watch Your Calories

Next time you find yourself in line at one of your favorite donut shops, which, lets face it, is probably more than once a week for die-hard donut fans, consider indulging in these less-­fattening members of the donut family:

Donuts to avoid include: Apple Fritters (mentioned above), Bismarks (490 calories) and Jelly Donuts (440) calories.

Great Things Come in Small Donut Boxes

If you’re having a snack attack, skip the full­-size treats and chow down on a few mini donuts instead. You’ll still enjoy the same great flavor, less calories, and you’ll feel like you’re eating more. Just be careful not to eat too many of those tasty critters, otherwise, you might as well be eating the full­-size version, which defeats the purpose. Check these bad boys out from Mini Doughnut Factory in Tampa.

Donuts, Coffee, Cardio, Repeat

Weight Lifting Girl Donut

Even though some of these donuts have reduced calories, a donut a day does not keep the doctor away or those colorful sprinkles from going to your hips. But at least 30 minutes of cardio a few times a week could mean the difference between having one donut a week with your morning coffee versus indulging in two or three. As long as you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming (simple weight loss equation), you can treat yourself to your favorite donuts guilt-­free.