If having donuts with your coffee in the morning isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can easily work donuts into your everyday meals by swapping these 4 foods with yummy, fried dough.

1. Ice Cream Cones

Eva's Original Chimneys Ice Cream Donut

The donut ice cream cone that originated in a bakery in Prague, is now a thing in North America! And just in time for summer too. Datz Dough in South Tampa, Florida sells ice cream in cinnamony, sugary baked dough cones. But it doesn’t stop there; the inside of the cone is coated with chocolate ganache or Nutella. As of recently, Toronto is officially home to the chimney cone as it’s also called, courtesy of Eva’s Original Chimney. Their Vegan donut cones are filled with real­ cream soft-serve ice cream or vegan coconut whipped cream. Yum!

2. Burger Buns / Bread

What’s the best thing since sliced bread? Donut bread! Kick those sesame seed buns to the curb and embrace the donut hamburger, also known as the Luther Burger. Ze Pickle in Australia goes to the extreme with the Doughnutfukwitdis. The name says it all: a hand pressed wagyu beef patty topped with Nutella smoked bacon, double jack “cheeze” between two grilled, original glazed doughnuts. You can also double even triple the burger patties if you’re extra hungry and have no regard for your well­being at all. A single­-patty Doughnutfukwitdis has an estimated 1500 calories; multiply that by three patties and you’ve pretty much doubled your caloric intake for the day.

3. Fries

Jalapeño Poutine Mini Donuts

Photo by Cin City Donuts

There aren’t many times where we would willingly trade our fries, but now there’s a new fry in town. Cin City Donuts has a sweet, spicy version of the classic Canadian poutine that’s smothered in gravy, cheese curds, and jalapeno slices. But if poutine isn’t your thing, there are tons of recipes for tasty donut fries you can make at home in all different ways from simple sugar-coated, to cinnamon roll donut fries, to maple bacon donut fries, and more.

4. Vegetables

Chicken and Donut Skewer

Chicken and Donut Skewer (PHOTO: Delaware North)

I wouldn’t recommend swapping your veggies for donuts all the time, but if you happen to be watching a Texas Ranger’s game and hunger strikes, take a bite of a scrumptious chicken and donut skewer. One of this season’s newest concoctions on the ballpark menu comes with fresh donut holes and fried chicken drizzled with sweet and sour buffalo honey sauce. Sorry, red peppers and onions, no room for you!

Just a word to the wise: don’t try to fit all of these foods into one meal or you may soon find yourself in a sugar coma. But it would be so worth it, wouldn’t it?