Time to drop the donuts! That’s what Fred the Baker would be saying if he was still working for Dunkin’ today. The coffee and donut chain recently announced that in January it would officially change its name to just “Dunkin’ and fans still donut approve.

“I just read the Dunkin’ Donuts announcement of their rebrand to just Dunkin’…and I feel like I’ve had my brains sucked out with a straw.”

“My childhood doesn’t feel too well”

It’s safe to say the bold move has definitely left a hole in some people’s lives and especially in the donut community. Dunkin’ basically invented the word ‘donut’ ever since William Rosenberg founded the chain back in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was one of the first in the industry to drop the ‘ugh’ from doughnut and use the phonetic spelling donut. Clearly, Dunkin’ has a thing for dropping donuts (hopefully, not in the literal sense) so we probably should have seen this coming.

However, Dunkin’ says the name change is a reflection of its ever-evolving menu, which now features a variety of coffees and other beverages as well as sandwiches. They also believe the trendy mononymous moniker will help them connect with younger consumers. Move over Madonna and make way for MA Dunkin’.

Aside from the shortened name, Dunkins is also introducing a new store format in various locations across the U.S, The new setup places a strong emphasis on coffee with several taps for cold brew coffee and iced tea, including a nitro-infused cold brew. Customers will also be able to place orders ahead of time via a phone app for quick pickup.

Not to worry, donut fans, you can rest assured the 68-year-old franchise will continue to sell an assortment of fried rings packed in Dunkin’s orange and pink boxes with its classic rounded logo design. So, if you’re not quite ready to move on just yet, you can easily add in the word Donuts with a sharpie and live happily in {D}enial.