Homer and donuts have had a torrid love affair over the past 27 seasons of the Simpsons. It was love at first bite. Round, pillowy soft, pink holes, dripping in glaze is enough to put any man under a salivating spell. But it’s not always sunshine and rainbow sprinkles. Homer’s donut obsession has gotten him into many sticky situations over the years. From battling a giant donut mascot to selling his soul for a single donut, these are Homer’s top D’oh-nut moments.

1. Ring of Fire

Homer Simpson Donuts

Episode: “The Front”
Airdate: April 15, 1993

When Homer discovers that he never graduated from high school, he vows to retake the science class that held him back. Unfortunately for him, the teacher decides to conduct an experiment that involves burning a donut to see how many calories it has. Homer cries out in agony as his beloved fried ring is burned to a crisp before his eyes. To add fuel to the fire (no pun intended), the teacher says “the bright blue flame indicates this was a particularly sweet donut.” Remember when dissecting frogs was enough?

2. Donut Junkie


Episode: “Changing of the Guardian”
Airdate: January 27, 1993

In this episode, Homer takes his donut addiction to the extreme when he starts melting donuts and directly injecting them into his body. Talk about a sugar rush. Is there anything Homer won’t do for a sweet fix? Mainlining your favorite pastry may seem like a good idea in theory, but any true donut connoisseur knows that the best part of a donut is savoring every piece down to the very last bite.

3. Donut Dreams

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.50.44 AM

Episode: “Simpson Tide”
Airdate: March 29, 1998

During one of Homer’s routine at-work snoozes, he dreams he’s on the Planet of Donuts populated by a race of sentient, talking donuts. Homer (or shall we call him “Homerble Lecter”) ends up eating half the population and is put on trial. But that doesn’t stop him from snacking on one of the donut lawyers. When Homer finally wakes up, he’s faced with another awful dilemma—only one donut left in the break room. Solution: inject it with some nuclear power to create a giant mutant donut that everyone can share. Nuclear cream filling was a bad idea. Ultimately chaos ensues and Homer gets fired.

4. Lard Lad’s Revenge


Episode: “Treehouse Horror VI”
Airdate: October 29, 1995

In Treehouse of Horror VI, Homer’s addiction to donuts almost causes the complete destruction of Springfield. When he finds out that the Lard Lad Donuts doesn’t sell giant donuts (as he was led to believe by the “falsely” advertised giant donut sign) he steals the sign. This awakens the giant Lard Lad mascot and sends him on a rampage through Springfield until Homer returns the donut. A chain reaction occurs and all the other town mascots come to life, too, and start destroying the town. Moral of the story, don’t mess with giant donut signs. Ya, we’re talking to you Angelenos.

5. Sunny With a Chance of Donuts


Episode: “Treehouse Horror V”
Airdate: October 30, 1994

After tinkering with a toaster, Homer sends himself to an alternate dimension that, at first glance, seems like paradise. Patty and Selma are dead and the Simpsons are ridiculously rich. But wait! There’s a problem. In this reality, donuts don’t exist! D’OH! Homer does manage to get back to his world, but ironically, just as he returns, donuts start falling from the sky in the alternate universe.

6. My Soul For a Donut


Episode: “Treehouse of Horror IV”
Airdate: October 28, 1993

You know you’re a donut addict when you’re willing to sell your soul to the devil for a purple sprinkled. That’s exactly how it went down in this classic Treehouse of Horror episode, While Homer awaits trial for his soul, the minions of hell attempt to torture him by forcing loads of donuts down his throat. Clearly they don’t know who they’re dealing with. He devours all the donuts like a boss and still wants more. Marge eventually saves Homer’s soul by proving that he already pledged his soul to her many years ago. Out of spite, the devil turns Homer’s head into a giant donut, and just as you would expect, Homer starts eating himself. Mmm face donuts!

How far would you go for your favorite donut? Share your crazy donut stories in the comments.