Each year, competitive donut lovers across the country strap their feed bags on and embark on tasty treks where no donut is left behind, only high blood sugar, sweat, and tears. Whether walking, running or cycling, these donut races will push your glutes and gullets to the limit. Here are 5 races every donut lover should compete in:

1. Krispy Kreme Challenge – Raleigh, North Carolina

Krispy Kreme Challenge

This student-organized charity race benefiting the North Carolina Children’s Hospital is a 2400 caloric glaze of glory. Racers run 2.5 miles to a Krispy Kreme shop in downtown Raleigh where they have to wolf down one dozen Original Glazed Krispy Kreme donuts only to turn around and run all the way back to campus. Sound like a piece of cake…err…donut? The catch is you have to do it all under an hour to be deemed a competitor.

2. The Great Donut Run – Irvine, California

Prepare to enter the Donut Challenge Zone. At the halfway mark of this 5k race, participants get fed Munchkin donut holes plus they get a double dose of regular-sized donuts before heading to the finish line. Runners get a shiny medal at the end and possibly the runs after eating all those donuts.

3. Iowa State Triathlon Club Donut Run 5k – Ames, Iowa

A toned butt and killer calves aren’t the only thing you have to look forward to when you run this 5k. Delicious Krispy Kreme donuts await you at every corner plus prizes at the end. For every donut you eat, time is deducted at the finish. The team with the shortest time wins. Beware, if you lose your donuts before you cross the finish line, your count goes back to zero! If you manage to keep your donuts down, you could also score a medal or plaque in categories such as Most Doughnuts Eaten, Best Costume, and Top Team Score.





4. Tour de donut – Arcanum, Ohio

If cycling is more your speed, the Tour de Donut is a 64-mile bicycle race where filling your face quickly is equally as important as how fast you pedal. For each donut the rider eats without yakking, five minutes are deducted from his or her time. And, so you don’t feel like you’re completely ruining your diet by stuffing your face with fried dough all day, you’ll also be able to get your daily servings of fruit and dairy and other snacks at each donut stop.

5. PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) Donut Dash, Vancouver Canada

This Vancouver 5K will keep you energized throughout the day with not only yummy mini donuts, but also popular fair treats, like cotton candy and more! When you register, you also get a PNE Donut Dash t-shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal and free admission into the Fair. 

Now if we could only get people to hand out donuts and candy at the gym, it would be a perfect world.