It isn’t always enough to enjoy the simple pleasure of fried dough lightly glazed or topped with sprinkles.

Sexy Girl with Donut

Sometimes you want to just bite into a thick, fluffy donut and have it shoot gooey, sticky cream in your face. And i’m not talking about jelly or lemon flavor. BORING! I’m talking about the cream of the shop. Fillings so decadent that eating them is like an orgasm in your mouth. Here are five donut fillings that will make you cream:

1. Tequila Cream

Psycho Donuts Cadillac Margarita donut! Tequila Cream and Lime Icing

Nothing says happy hour like sweet fried dough and booze. If you’re in California, head over to Psycho Donuts for a Cadillac Margarita. This cocktail donut is spiked with delicious tequila creme filling and topped with green icing, a lime candy wedge, and margarita salt. While you would probably have to eat dozens upon dozens of margarita donuts to actually get a glow on, it’s still the perfect snack when you want to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation.

2. Beer

Brewnuts Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Ale Buttermilk Cake

Move over wings, beer has a new fried best friend. Mouth-watering donuts filled with varieties of draft beer are the specialties of Cleveland’s donut bar, Brewnuts. Bitter-batter infusions like Maple Butter Bourbon Bacon Ale Brewnut; Double Chocolate Stout Cake Brewnut; and Peanut Butter Coffee Porter topped with peanut butter coffee glaze and crushed pork rind dust are all donuts that would make Homer Simpson proud. Bet you can picture your summer right now, sitting out on the deck on a sunny day, cracking a box of beer donuts. You may not have a waistline by the end of the season, but who cares, the “man bod” is in! And you can’t earn that doughy physique by eating salads and drinking cucumber water.

3. Cannoli Filling

The Holy Cannoli Holy Donut

These aren’t your nonna’s cannolis. This Italian dessert favorite is merged with America’s favorite sweet to create the Donnoli. Many donut shops have their own version of it; Donut Crazy in Connecticut has the Mambo Italiano which features a raised yeast shell filled with their in-house made cannoli filling, covered in mini chocolate chips and powdered sugar. And The Holy Cannoli is a godsend, filled with ricotta and covered in a ginger glaze brought to you by The Holy Donut in Portland, Maine.

4. Espresso Buttercream

Tiramisu Donut

When you’re in a hurry and need your coffee and fried dough fix, hit up The Hole Donuts in St. Pete Beach, Florida for a Tiramisu donut. This caffeine-induced confection is a Bismarck donut loaded with espresso cream filled brioche and covered in Mascapone cheese glaze, crushed Ladyfingers, and dusted with cocoa powder.

5. Marshmallow Cream

Krispy Kreme S’mores Donut

Your favorite campfire treat has now been “donutfied”. S’mores donuts are popping up on dessert menus all across the country. While each shop takes their own creative liberties decorating this summer-night treat with graham crackers and chocolate, there is one shared ingredient they’re almost all guaranteed to have, a gooey marshmallow centre. Campfire smell, not included.