What makes a donut famous has less to do with how tasty it is and more to do with its viral factor. The most talked about donuts are typically the ones that have the weirdest, most innovative qualities; well that, or they’ve been given the celebrity-saliva stamp of approval.

From Homer Simpson’s pink-iced sprinkled obsession, to a donut that has the King Midas touch, here are the most famous donuts of all time.

1. The Homer Simpson Donut

Homer Simpson Donut

If anyone knows donuts, it’s America’s favorite cartoon dad Homer Simpson. The mere mention of the word donut is enough to send the dopey, overweight patriarch of the Simpsons into a salivating slumber. His fried ring of choice: a pink-iced sprinkled donut, which over the years has become the poster-child for donuts worldwide. The Homer donut can be seen on t-shirts, jewelry, pool floaties and other donut merchandise all over the world. He may not have invented the cult confection, but Homer’s love for pink-glazed sprinkled donuts has definitely left a sweet taste in our mouths.

2. 24k Gold Donut

Cristal ube Donut Manila Social Club

I enjoy blinging myself out in gold as much as the next girl, but the thought of ingesting it, never actually crossed my mind until the gold donut was born—a purple yam doughnut dipped in 24-karat gold leaf and iced with Cristal champagne. You might as well just grab a $100 bill and flush it down the toilet because that’s where your money is going to ultimately end up when you buy one of these. On the other hand, to say you ate a gold donut is pretty awesome and apparently it tastes good too. Just make sure your champagne taste can support a champagne budget because a dozen of these bad boys is almost a mortgage payment

3. Grande Saliva Special

Ariana Grande Wolfee Donuts

Most people pay big bucks for items laced with celebrity bodily fluids. But when singer Ariana Grande was caught on camera going to third base with a tray of frosted and powdered display donuts, the world did not happily receive the news. The video of Grande licking and spitting on donuts at a California bakery instantly went viral and keyboard warriors were quick on the attack. While most people were pissed, I’m sure there were fans of the pop star who actually enjoyed munching on Grande’s sloppy seconds. Hey, i’m not going to lie, if Leonardo DiCaprio came by and licked my donut, I wouldn’t be mad about it.

4. Cronut


When it comes to famous desserts, the Cronut sits happily at the top of the fast-food chain. If a croissant and donut had coitus, the Cronut would be it’s creamy love child. Fried like a donut on the outside with a flaky croissant centre, the Cronut has taken the world by storm. It’s been three years since it’s debut and people still line up at the crack of dawn for these things. Chefs and bakers alike have tried to invent their own hybrid donut masterpieces in hopes of  dethroning the royal Cronut. But no other donut has even come close to reaching such superstar status.