Donuts have come a long way from the plain, humble, fried snack we used to dip in our coffees. Even the addition of sprinkles was probably considered ultra gourmet way back when. Now you can’t go to a donut shop or restaurant without coming across a donut that’s either stuffed with marshmallows, wrapped in bacon or slapped on top of a beef patty. And that’s just the beginning. Here are 4 of the best things to happen to donuts since the hole.

1. Donut Hybrids

Cronut Donuts

The Cronut, the most talked about, blogged about, and obsessed over dessert in the world, rose to superstardom a few years back when New York pastry chef Dominque Ansel had the brilliant idea to mix a donut with a croissant. Flaky on the outside with a gooey custard centre, the Cronut was the first among a breed of crazy donut and food mashups that today involve cereal, Oreos, potato salad and chicken to name a few. We’ve had our donuts so many ways that we’ve ruined plain donuts for almost everyone. You know what they say, once you go Black Licorice you never go back.

2. Dough Ring Bling

Cristal ube Donuts Manila Social Club

If you liked it then you shoulda put a donut ring on it! Forget diamonds, gold encrusted donuts filled with Cristal champagne are a girl’s true best friend. Brooklyn­-based Filipino restaurant Manila Social Club is behind the designer gold donut that sells for a whopping $100! But they haven’t stopped there. In honor of Patrón Margarita of The Year, the Rosa Picante, the Manilla Social Club has released a $150 Patrón Platinum donut. It’s filled with a creamy spicy ginger­ jalapeño margarita jelly, infused with real rose petals and covered in a sweet tequila frosting and edible silver and platinum leafs. Even sweeter, the proceeds of the Patronut are being donated to the American Cancer Society.

 3. The New Glory Hole

Speaking of creaming, Krispy Kreme in London has created the best glory hole we could have ever imagined—a donut ATM. No, not the kind you clear your browser history for, the other type of ATM that dispenses money; except instead of money, you get donuts! Donuts filled with Nutella! Customers will get to sample Krispy Kreme’s new Nutty Chocolatta flavor for just $2.89 before they go on sale. Sadly, this donut vending machine is only temporary, but we’re hoping donut ATMs become a thing.

4. Skinny Donuts

Truthfully, if we had to choose between being thin and eating donuts, donuts win every time. The good news is now we can have both thanks to healthy donuts that have the same great taste but are just under 160 calories! We’ve talked about Nuff and their #pronuts before. They’ve turned our favorite junk foods including donuts, cookies and brownies into super sweets jacked with organic ingredients that promote fat loss. Yes, donuts that help you lose weight while you eat them do exist! I think I just creamed.