The iconic Cannes Film Festival brings us the most unique and fresh emerging films, directors and artists. Some of the biggest stars in the industry receive invitations and we’re left scrolling our Facebook feeds to see “bold artistic statements and red carpets”. But this year, we received the gift of Scott Wheeler’s bizarre and entertaining horror-comedy.

Attack of the Killer Donuts Poster

Attack of the Killer Donuts Poster

The psycho killers in this low-budget, low-concept thriller? DONUTS! On opening day attendees were treated to a viewing of Attack of the Killer Donuts. Bearing an old school, eerie movie poster, you should expect nothing less than a trippy ride that “even the best drugs couldn’t explain”. As Jordan Mintzer’s Hollywood Reporter review explains, it’s the type of movie that reminds us that cinema is not only beautiful, “it’s also about getting your face ripped apart by a box of glazed, flesh-eating pastries”. Creating quite a stir on horror film and movie sites a like, people are dying to see this distributed to the masses. It could even take on a Rocky Horror feel with patrons bringing a dozen from Krispy Kreme eagerly awaiting to chuck a few at the screen and stuff your face with the rest.


In terms of killer donut movies, it seems that Wheeler is breaking new ground. Actually, the whole “killer food” genre is largely untapped. According to the movie’s IMBd, a chemical accident in a greater LA suburban town turns ordinary donuts into bloodthirsty killers. An experiment conducted by the cartoon-like mad scientist Uncle Luther (Michael Swan) turns these seemingly harmless treats into something from your worst food induced nightmares. The donuts from a local shop are somehow infused with serum from his experiment, reaping havoc wherever they go. Sole employees of the join Johnny (Justin Ray) and Michelle (Kayla Compton), seem to be starting a budding romance while trying to protect their friends and family from these “fang-bearing fried critters”.  In true fashion of every campy horror film, Wheeler keeps body counts high for most of the film’s run time. As Michelle exclaims in the trailer, your brain will melt for this 97-minute suspenseful adventure of donuts verses humans.

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Mintzer claims that the film is actually fairly watchable and even enjoyable for a majority of the time. Near the end with an influx of digital effects and a loss of charm, you could find yourself hoping for an out. Even so, the idea of a killer donut movie is very exciting. With donuts being such a trendy breakfast and a state of the art dessert, this movie will soon become a classic for genre fests, midnight showings and On Demand customers alike. “We love eating them, now it’s their turn!” This adorns the top of the movie poster and gives onlookers some insight into what’s in store for them. We love that killer donuts are taking center stage, especially at an event as prestigious as the Cannes Film Festival.