Who doesn’t love a Cinco de Mayo fiesta? Tequila, Salsa, chips, Coronas, guacamole, piñatas – the works! This year Manila Social Club in Brooklyn took Cinco to a whole new level by introducing the Patrón Platinum Donut. This luxury donut was rolled out for the holiday and can only be purchased until May 8th, just as your Cinco hangover begins to wear off.

Executive Chef Bjorn DelaCruz already put out a similar donut creation earlier this year, the Golden Cristal Donut. The donut is not only filled and iced with Cristal it is covered with a 24k gold dust and gold leaf. At $100 per donut, these treats are elegant and will definitely leave you feeling luxurious. The new Patrón Platinum Donut, or “Patronut” as some are calling it, comes with a heftier price tag and high quality ingredients as DelaCruz attempts to “out-donut” himself. This platinum delicacy is made with rose ash powder and infused with ginger. Topped with rose whipped mousse and chili Margarita gel, hand dipped in Patrón icing, air brushed with edible silver powder, and finally wrapped in silver leafing. For every dozen donuts, DelaCruz uses approximately one bottle of premium tequila, just to give you an idea of alcohol content. Fit for Cinco royalty, DelaCruz has definitely out done himself this time!

The flavors of the “Patronut” are inspired by Patrón’s 2016 Margarita of the Year. Seven margarita styles from seven different bartenders were submitted from all across the U.S. and Mexico. After 50,000 votes, the Rosa Picante Margarita created by Jordan Corney was the winner. Corney says, “Jalapeño margaritas are everywhere. I was looking for a way to take that and dress it up a little.” And Bjorn DelaCruz at Manila Social Club did just that, dressed up the Rosa Picante into a beautiful donut! He makes each donut individually to order for every customer after they fill out an exclusive order form online. At the end of a Fox Business interview DelaCruz advizes, “Remember this is a donut, so just eat it and enjoy it!”

The best part about this tipsy, exclusive, fabulous donut? All proceeds from donut sales will go directly to The American Cancer Society. Unfortunately, DelaCruz lost his father to cancer last July, affecting him greatly. This definitely makes the $150 price tag worth the while and we are hoping that these beauties come around for sale once again, at least for Cinco 2017. Even though they don’t ship (with no exceptions), we would definitely make the trek to Brooklyn for these classy treats!