We Found the World’s Biggest Donut

Donuts are amazing, and they only get more amazing with size. We searched far and wide, but we finally found the world’s biggest donut, come check it out.

Put those donut holes aside, guys. And get rid of the mini donuts! No petites here!

We’re talking SIZE. We love donuts, and the bigger, the better. We went in search of some of the world’s biggest and best donuts, and we found the winner.

Read on before you eat on, because we’ve got big news for your donut-craving obsession – the world’s biggest donut.

Gimme a Ring of Donuts, Please

Back in 2007, to celebrate the release of the Simpsons movie, one donut company made a ring of more than 90,000 donuts (in the shape of a donut, duh!)

It weighed more than 3.5 tons and took almost 400 combined man-hours to build the thing.

The Simpsons Have Fans…

In the same year, 20th Century Fox also went nuts with their fried dough to celebrate Homer Simpson, the donut lover.

To celebrate the movie release, 8 employees in London built a stack of donuts more than 40 inches high, which took nearly 2,000 donuts.

Homer Simpson would be proud!

Even the Germans Are In On It

In 2014 in Berlin, a German theater entertainment company celebrated their 30th anniversary by putting a bunch of donuts in a line.

And when we say “a bunch,” we mean enough to make a row of nearly 2,000 feet. We knew the Germans were good engineers, but apparently they also rock at celebrations.

After all, who needs cake when you can have donuts?!

Okay, So Who Can Eat This Much?

Uh, not so fast with the questions there, buddy.

Meet Patrick Bertoletti from Illinois, who was born to live a donut-loving adventure. He holds the record for eating the most jam-filled donuts in one minute – three donuts, to be exact.

This may not sound like much, but here’s the kicker: he couldn’t lick his lips. And you know those jam-filled babies are powdered. It was no easy feat!

He also holds the record for his PB&J-devouring abilities. So, he’s a pretty cool dude.

A Worldwide Obsession

Keep spinning that globe: we’ve got more donuts for you.

This time we’re in Ukraine. During a 2012 festival, people made a huge mosaic design out of donuts – more than 7,000 donuts, to be exact.

Who ate those yummy, sugary treats? The festival attendees! Who else?

The Big Daddy of the World’s Biggest Donut

Okay, enough of the wannabes. Here’s our winner for world’s biggest donut.

The biggest SINGLE donut on record was made in Utica, New York in January of 1993. As if the holidays didn’t pile on enough pounds…

It was a jelly-style donut (one of our faves!) which made it extra heavy, but hey, we’re not judging.

Rollin’ in at 1.7 tons, the size of a baby hippo, this Big Daddy Donut wasn’t messing around. It was 16 feet wide, which is about the length of 30 hot dogs lined up in a row.

This big donut was also 16 inches high, just in case you weren’t ready to put away your ruler.

The Best Thing About Records?

Here’s the best thing about records, folks: they can be broken.

That’s right. Stay tuned and check back on our blog to stay updated on your favorite donut news.

And hey, if you wanna start crushing the world’s biggest donut records, we’re not gonna stop you.

Eat on.