The Tastiest Guide of Donuts Around the World

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Like the idea of culturing yourself with donuts? Us too! Click here to see the tastiest guide of donuts around the world! Maybe plan a trip too!

It’s okay to embrace it.

You love donuts. Lucky for you, so do we.

We love them so much, that we’re going to take you on a trip. Have you ever thought about what donuts around the world look like? The time has come for you to get out your passport, and come on a donut journey with us.

Donuts Around the World

We’re not talking about Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Krispy Kreme. This goes much deeper than just the United States. We’re going to guide you around the world to see just how other cultures do donuts.

If you’re interested in America’s best, look no further. Let us help you find the best donut in the U.S.


– Loukoumades 

Our first stop for different donuts around the world brings us to many close countries.

Though these delicious treats may have no exact origin location, there are variations seen in Syria, Turkey, Greece, and even Egypt!

Called Lokma in Turkey, these are deep-fried balls of dough that come drenched in chocolate, syrups, or even honey. Cinnamon and walnuts are also common to add to the Lokma to add that extra kick of sweetness.



Like jelly donuts? In Israel, the sufganiyah is typically eaten during the Jewish festival Hanukkah. It consists of a deep-fried donut with jelly or custard inside. Most of the time it is topped off with powdered sugar to make the donut complete.

Fun fact, the largest bakery chain in Israel is rumored to make over 25,000 sufganiyot a day during Hanukkah. That is over 200,000 donuts made!


– Berliner

Germany’s main donut is one we’re all familiar with. This pastry consists of a deep-fried donut with no central hole and filling. Most of the time, the filling is jam, but it can also be filled with chocolate or vanilla creme, and even egg nog! As always, the donut comes with a nice dusting of powdered sugary goodness.

Typically, this donut is found around February or March for Germany’s carnival season!

What’s your favorite donut around the world so far?


– Vada

Continuing on in our quest to find various donuts around the world, we have the vada. Like the United States, India also eats donut-like pastries for breakfast (and snacks).

Instead of dough being deep-fried, India opts for lentils (legumes) or even potatoes. Often, vada is served with chutney or sambar – a lentil-based vegetable soup. 

Vada is mostly served in carts on the side of the road for a quick breakfast, or a savory snack!


– Bofrot/Kala/Puff-Puff

Another donut around the world comes from many African locations.

Puff-puffs are often made with yeast and fried in vegetable oil. After coming out of the oil, puff-puffs are rolled in vanilla, cinnamon, or even nutmeg. Fruit dips like strawberry or raspberry are also a popular puff-puff condiment!

Puff-puffs are often much smaller than American donuts, and are made two ways. The main version is with yeast; the African donuts become soggy and soft. The other version is without yeast and the dough becomes crunchy and dry.

Donuts Make Us Go Nuts

Are you a donut-lover like us? If you’re one of 193.39 million people who consumed donuts in the U.S. during 2016, chances are, you’re hooked.

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