Health experts have long led us to believe that donuts are bad. Why? So we stop eating them, and thus, they get to keep all the delicious dough bombs to themselves. We’re on to you World Health Organization. But what they don’t want you to know is that donuts are actually good for your well-being. From helping your brain wake up to helping him ‘get it up’, here’s why you should be eating more donuts.

Boosts Brain Power

Our brains are naturally programmed to crave donuts, well technically, sugar. Sugar causes our bodies to produce an important neurotransmitter chemical called acetylcholine, which helps with learning, memory, attention span, and mood. So swapping out bacon and eggs for an old fashion glaze in the morning can give your body exactly what it needs to function at maximum capacity.

Can Help You Get A Raise

Offering donuts and coffee during a negotiation could be your ticket to a bigger payday, according to research. The majority of us get hangry when our blood glucose drops. The opposite is true when our glucose levels are increased. Also, psychologists have found that when you perform favors for people, those people are likely to ‘return the favor’.  Donuts for more dough—sounds like an even exchange to us.

Improves Sexual Performance

According to a study, the smell of donuts and licorice combined can increase blood flow to the penis by 32%. Mixing the odors of donut and pumpkin pie was also said to cause an increase of about 20%. But the ultimate way to supercharge an erection is the combination of lavender and pumpkin pie, increasing boner power by 40%! We’re pretty sure eating pumpkin lavender donuts are how babies are made.

Is there anything these fried rings can’t do?