Like it or not, the donut sandwich is most definitely becoming a fad.  There are many different takes on this sweet and savory treat, and there’s sure to be even more varieties surfacing soon. This tasty delight is being gobbled up all over the country and we most definitely want a piece of the action!

The Cincinnati born franchise Tom & Chee is home of the grilled cheese donut. They slap an “inside-out donut” on the grill and smother it with your choice of cheese and toppings.  These delicacies come in many different combinations from the classic cheddar cheese and glazed donut combo; to an Elvis inspired banana, peanut butter, mascarpone and mozzarella mixture; to the even fancier blueberry compote, ham, Brie and donut arrangement. Clearly this is what put Tom & Chee on the map and we are not complaining because these donut and cheese combos rock!

Our friends at Do-Right Donuts in Chicago are taking it a little further, with a chicken donut sandwich. Available at only one of their two locations, Do-Rite is serving off menu fried chicken and glazed donut sandwiches complete with an aioli sauce. NPR’s Ian Chillag says that glazed is the only way to go for this pairing. In fact, a Do-Rite employee refused to sell him a chicken donut sandwich when they were out of glazed. We are dying to get our hands on one of these, what could be better than fried chicken AND a donut?

Apply teeth liberally. #chickendonutsandwich #streeterville

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Looking at a less savory side of the donut sandwich, we came across the pinnacle of sugary treats – the ice cream donut sandwich. Peter Pan Donut Shop in Brooklyn serves up summer varieties of these mouth-watering yummies. With some of the best donuts in the city and a heaping scoop of Haagan-Dazs, it’s really hard to go wrong.  The creative process is completely up to you and is only limited by what they have in stock – anything from a toasted coconut donut with chocolate ice cream to a chocolate cake donut with salted caramel chip. Greenpointers suggests sticking with a non-filled donut to avoid a huge mess and we would have to agree. We’re eagerly waiting for summertime to get our hands on one of these beauties.

The donut sandwich is clearly a growing trend and isn’t going away anytime soon. These combinations push the sweet and savory boundaries and we love it! As donut enthusiasts and connoisseurs, we love anything and everything that includes our favorite food – DONUTS!