The Donut Art That’s Hanging in a Museum

There is some serious donut art going on – and by art, we mean hung in a museum art. Check out the giant, mouth-watering, donut-made portraits.

When I was a kid, I read Homer Price and dreamed of donuts. Most of the Homer Price stories revolved around his famous donut machine, and perhaps I can attribute my chronic donut addiction to Robert McCloskey’s book. 

But besides the art of making donuts and the art of eating donuts, there is donut art.

That’s right. You can pretty much make art out of anything these days.  Even being photographed wearing an octopus is considered art to some people.

No Paint Necessary For Donut Art

One artist is making some serious dough in the art world by making portraits out of donuts.

While some artists might paint portraits, Candice CMC builds her pointillism portraits from fried dough and icing. Well, photos of fried dough and icing.

Her portraits are of both famous people and famous characters. You can find the likes of Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine, Spock/Leonard Nimoy, Marilyn Monroe, and ironically Vincent Van Gogh.

If you laid down the portrait, you might mistake it for a tray in your bakery’s display case. But don’t let it fool you. This is serious donut art no matter how tasty it might look.

To avoid having to preserve the donuts and risk having them fall apart over time, Candice chose to photograph her donuts. 

This allows her to evaluate colors without worrying that the chocolate icing is melting on her desk or that the bavarian creme is going sour.

Can I Buy Donut Art?

You certainly can! If you have a bit of cash. You might have to spend as much at $12,000 or as little as $3,000. 

But, even though you aren’t getting actual donuts (the price might be higher if they were because that’s a lot of donuts), you are getting a massive portrait collage. 

The largest portrait, the one of Marilyn Monroe called “Big Marilyn Donuts” is a full 76 inches by 60 inches. That’s human sized. You would have a massive portrait on your wall if you bought one of these.

And why wouldn’t you want this donut art? If you’re a recovering donut addict, then you might not want them. But for everyone else, you should know that these portraits are inspired by actual art.

Candice’s donut art is reminiscent of Devorah Sperber’s work with spools of thread. 

She even created a whole Star Trek themed series of portraits and scenes with her spool work. She would paste various colors of spools and other common objects on a display to create a mosaic of art.

But, whatever your tastes are, it’s always going to make me salivate just thinking about donut art. Even if the donuts aren’t physically there.

Our hats are off to Candice CMC for creating some incredible visuals out of our favorite fried food. Hopefully, she continues her art and makes the whole world crave donuts too. We could always use more donut lovers.

If you’re an artist, how would you create donut art? Let us know in the comments below. And, as always, it’s all about that dough.