The 7 Most Hilarious Homer Simpson Donut Moments

Let’s take a moment to pay homage to the original donut-phile. We’re sharing the 7 Homer Simpson donut moments that make us drool with laughter.

Mmmmm donuts . . . Does the mere mention of this sweet treat transform you into a drooling heap of desire?

Of course it does. But do you even come close to a Homer Simpson donut trance?

The man is obsessed! Life to Homer is one giant donut fest. And if they’re free, even better, because let’s face it, Homer Simpson is the Donut King.

Those deep-fried rings of dough, dipped in glaze and covered in pink frosting have been the most consistent theme throughout the 28 seasons of The Simpsons. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Homer, it’s that you can never have too many donuts.

Sticky Situations

He eats donuts, he dreams about donuts, hell, he’s even mainlined donuts! In fact, the chances are Homer would sacrifice his family to save a donut.

But it hasn’t always been easy. This man’s obsession has got him into some seriously sticky situations and you have to wonder if, when the time comes, Homer’s last hurrah will be death by donut!

Death by Donut

In fact, one of the funniest Homer Simpson donut moments ever was almost exactly that. As Homer stuffs donut after donut into his mouth, in a shark-like eating frenzy, his workmates tell him to slow down, or he’ll choke.

Does he listen? Nah. And sure enough, he’s choking to death, crashing around the room, while his buddies discuss softball. But thank donut, a well-timed barf saves the day.

Deal with the Devil

And who could forget the episode when Homer decides to sell his soul for a donut? Not just any donut, but a purple sprinkled donut.

We came pretty close to losing the big fella that day, too, until Marge saved the day. But when the devil turns Homer’s head into a giant donut, and he starts eating himself, it’s too funny for words.

Paradise is Pink

Homer also taught us that however good life is, it’s incomplete without donuts. So you can keep your flashy cars and your big houses and just give us a great big Homer Simpson donut.

It seems paradise is pink – and donut-shaped. And as Homer says, “Donuts . . . is there anything they can’t do?” Remember, donuts are a lifestyle choice.

Mario Moment

Well, they can’t make you look like Mr. Universe, that’s for sure. Despite his disgustingly high 104% body fat, Homer manages to eat all the donuts in the world, in one sitting.

How? By swallowing a Starman from Mario. How else would you expect?

National Donut Day

And what about Homer’s belief that donuts will one day fall from the sky like rain. That was back in 1994 and the man was already addicted. So much so that he chose National Donut Day to make celebratory pork rinds, doh!

Eating is Hard Work

What cracks us up is Homer even manages to hold down a job, seeing as how he spends all day eating and dreaming about food – especially donuts. But you know what he says, donuts make even the worst day at work go faster, so maybe he’s got a point.

Scarred for Life

You have to remember that Homer endured a horrific donut moment that scarred him for life. It was the day his teacher burned a deliciously sweet, innocent donut to death. Homer never got over this and it goes some way towards explaining his addiction.

So as the fat man in the underwear says, just Keep Calm – and Eat a Donut.