most expensive donut
Who wouldn’t love eating donuts with every meal?

But have you thought about eating the most expensive donut?

No donut bucket list would be complete without one that it’s worth its taste in gold.

Want to know where to get it? Then you need to keep reading.

What is The Most Expensive Donut Made Of?

The Golden donut’s main ingredient is Ube.

What is Ube?

Ube is a purple yam, and it’s a staple in Filipino cuisine as well as other Asian countries. It’s pronounced oo-bae and it’s almost the taste and consistency of sweet potatoes.

Due to its deep purple coloration, more innovative chefs have been using Ube in their culinary creations.

Social media has also taken notice. People all over the world have made Ube the new most Instagramable food.

The Golden Donut Ingredients

Aside from Ube, this donut also incorporates Cristal champagne in the main ingredients.

The chef makes a mousse out of Ube and Cristal champagne and fills the donut with this unique filling.

The next step is the icing, but this is no ordinary icing. The chef has created also a Cristal champagne icing.

Once iced, the donut is dusted with 24K gold dust. And gold leaves are carefully placed on the donut for the final touch.

Executive Chef Bjorn DelaCruz is responsible for this decadent creation.

Chef Bjorn DelaCruz, The Creator

Chef Bjorn DelaCruz was born in Manila. He calls Bloomington, Indiana, his hometown. He moved to New York with dreams of becoming a violinist.

His Filipino roots influenced his cuisine and style, although, he learned about cooking from Julia Child and Martin Yan.

The Manila Social Club

Before opening this restaurant, DelaCruz was a fashion marketing director. In fact, he enjoyed hosting carefully selected guests for his Manila Social Club dinners before it was a restaurant.

He would have the dinners at people’s houses, rooftops, and old abandoned buildings.

The Manila Social Club was opened by Chef DelaCruz and his two siblings, his elder sister Catherine, and younger brother Samuel Ware. Their first restaurant opened its doors in 2014 and it’s located in Brooklyn, New York.

The aim of the Manila Social Club is to use classic Filipino cuisine and give it a touch of luxury.

What you will Get

At $100 dollars a piece, this golden creation is the most expensive donut you will buy. A dozen donuts will set you back $1200.

These donuts are handmade to order by chef DelaCruz and he has one or two rules.

If you want to put your order, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance. Sorry, but the chef never ships these decadent donuts. No exceptions.

To get the most out of this flavor, they must be consumed on the day of purchase.

Ready to Call-In Your Order?

Even though this donut will set you back $100, you will get bragging rights. If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, head over to the Manila Social Club and eat the most expensive donut.

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