Happy National Donut Day! No need to panic, you didn’t fall into a coma and miss the last eight months. It’s still November 5th, which marks the second National Donut Day. The first Donut Day and most widely celebrated happens the first Friday in June. 

If you had no idea today was also a day to honor donuts, you’re not alone. Many shops we contacted in hopes of grabbing a free chocolate glaze had no clue about the second holiday either. It’s almost like some foodie was looking for another universally sanctioned excuse to pig out on donuts and just pointed to the calendar blindfolded declaring “time to make the donuts another holiday!”. That’s not exactly how it went down, but it was thanks to a food blogger that we now have a National Donut Day # 2.

John Bryan Hopkins the founder of the Foodimentary food blog and the person basically responsible for popularizing all the ridiculous food holidays we gluttons follow religiously like National Bison Day and National Ranch Dressing Day is credited for making up November fifth’s donut day. Apparently, he used to spend a lot of time reading Ladies Home Journal and found a reference to a November 5 Doughnut Day that dates back to the 1930s. He believed a store chain must have celebrated the day in honor of Veterans Day, which takes place a week later on November 11th. That’s all the evidence he needed to permanently mark the additional donut holiday on the calendar.

Its sister holiday has a more significant origin story. During World War I, the Salvation Army dispatched young women nicknamed “doughnut lassies” to serve up thousands of donuts to soldiers in an effort to help boost morale. To honor these “lassies”, the Salvation Army officially declared the first Friday in June to be National Doughnut Day, which is the day the majority of donut shops celebrate, usually with free donuts.

Although most shops seem to be in denial about November’s Donut holiday, some places have been giving away free donuts today according to some lucky customers who took to Twitter to gloat.


So head over to your favorite coffee shop and unleash your inner Homer in honor of this glorious day. Maybe if you do a little sweet talking, you can even score a donut or two on the house.