They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I say it’s by far the most delicious. Breakfast is the one meal when you can eat sweet or savory or even both, if your stomach and appetite allows. With the donut’s rise to food-fame, we’ve seen all sorts of sweet and savory breakfast combinations utilizing our favorite fried treats. Donuts used as buns, to encase breakfast sandwiches and even fried chicken seem to be old news. One California donut shop is taking this to the next level with the Doughrito. Yes, that is correct – a breakfast burrito donut hybrid to fill all of your breakfast wants and needs. Scouring the Internet for more information on this breakfast feast, we’ve found a few brave and lucky souls who have enjoyed this seemingly well-balanced meal.

Surfin’ Donuts is a small family owned shop with a few locations just outside of LA. They are known for their large selection of donuts and extensive breakfast and lunch menus that their customers seem to love. With a big local following, they’ve been keeping up with current trends while still offering the classics. They take “normal” menu items and add a twist creating some of the new donut favorites we’ve seen popping up over the years. The cheeseburger with donut buns. The bacon, egg and cheese between two donut halves. But Elie Ayrouth of Foodbeast informs us that they’ve completely outdone themselves with their new “Doughrito”.

A new menu item and sure to become a local favorite, the “Doughrito” is everything you’d expect it to be. Pick your breakfast meat, the type of donut you want, and watch it all get rolled up into breakfast burrito goodness. Ayrouth explains that the green salsa will bring you the best tastes, without completely killing your insides (unlike the red in the photo). He also explains that the glazed donut’s dampness perfectly compliments the burrito and could even be confused for sweet potato rounds. Either way, it sounds like quite the experience and we are dying to get to the west coast to wrap our hands around one of these babies.

One Yelp reviewer Peter N. agrees with Foodbeast claiming, “it’s pretty darn good”. He also declares that the donut “was a welcome addition next to the eggs, meat and hash-browns in the burrito”. With all this hype, we take our hats off to Surfin’ Donuts and their innovative next steps in donut recipes. Now that the secret’s out, head on over to one of their locations and give it a try!