When we’re feeling down, the first place we often turn to for comfort, aside from our therapist’s office or local bar (a bartender is basically a shrink who serves booze anyways), is the kitchen. There’s nothing like cuddling with your favorite carbs or drowning your sorrows in sugary snacks. Things like peanut butter and banana sandwiches, Oreo cookies and literally anything with bacon can fill an emotional void like nothing else. The best part is our favorite pick-me-up foods are now crumbled, smothered and stuffed into DONUTS, creating the ultimate comfort food! Who needs Prozac when you have paczki.

Tom+Chee Peanut Butter Banana

Tom+Chee “The King”

PB & Banana

Nicknames: Evil Elvis, Dead Elvis, Fat Elvis, The King

Where to get one: Hypnotic, Psycho, Gourdough’s, Tom+Chee

The “Elvis” donut is a treat fit for royalty. It’s a sweet combination of The King of Rock and Roll’s favorite snack peanut butter and banana, piled high on top of a juicy donut and covered in bacon, honey or jelly. We can’t help falling in love either.

Psycho Donuts S'mores

Psycho Donuts “S’moreOs”


Nicknames: Campfire, S’morrissey, S’moreOs

Where to get one: Donut Snob, Psycho, Tom+Chee, Donut Friend

This classic campfire snack consisting of a marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker isn’t just for Boy Scouts and summer camp. Donuts filled with toasted, gooey marshmallows and topped with chocolate glaze and graham crackers are now staple menu items at almost every donut shop, which means you can enjoy this bonfire treat in s’more places than ever before.

Donut Snob "The Oinker"

Donut Snob “The Oinker”

Maple Bacon

Nicknames: Canadian Morning Squeal Meal, Oinker, Bacon 182, The Flying Pig

Where to get one: Psycho, Donut Snob, Donut Friend, Gourdough’s

This traditional Canadian breakfast married with an American dessert favorite is a match made in heaven. While there are lots of different variations of the maple bacon donut—a sprinkle of cinnamon here or a drizzle of chocolate there—the ratio of maple icing to bacon is always done to perfection. All that’s missing is a cup of joe and your mornings are set.

SOHO Donut Company "Skunk Ape"

SOHO Donut Company “Skunk Ape”


Nickames: Skunk Ape, Old Dirty Bastard, Black-Hawk, Goldilocks

Where to get one: Voodoo, Donut Crazy, SOHO Donut Company

Of all the cookies to garnish a donut with, Oreos seem to be the clear winner. This iconic cookie (chocolate or vanilla) goes with pretty much everything; it even comes with its own cream, making Oreos the ideal donut topping. Add chocolate frosting and peanut butter and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the Old Dirty Bastard.

Psycho Donuts "Cereal Killer"

Psycho Donuts “Cereal Killer”


Nicknames: Coco Loco, Fruity Pebble, Captain My Captain, Cereal Killer

Where to get one: Doughnuttery, Donut Bar, The General Bakery, Psycho

I think it’s safe to say that donuts are as much a breakfast food as cereal, and like cereal, they can taste great at any time of the day. So it makes sense that these breakfast-themed donuts are such a hit. But don’t expect to see any All-Bran flakes decorating your vanilla glaze, these cereal donuts are all about the sugary stuff like Cocoa Puffs, Fruit Loops and all those other kinds of cereals your parents hid from you.