In today’s job market, getting in front of a potential employer can be half of the battle. Never mind if you’re qualified or not, resumes can sometimes land in spam or junkmail or just at the bottom of a recruiter’s overflowing inbox. One young professional, literally got his foot in the door by posing as a Postmates delivery man dropping off donuts to marketing firms in San Fransisco. Lithuanian-born Lukas Yla arrived in the states this summer with a delicious plan to get hired in “what may be the world’s most over-saturated job market”. While most people email their resumes and pray that it gets into the right hands, Yla took his American-dream seeking aspirations and took matters into his own hands.


According to ABC News, Yla moved here after feeling uninspired in his home of Vilnius, Lithuania and moved to San Fransisco as a way to really challenge himself. His thinking: “How far can I go in a city where competition is much tougher, where I know on one? I don’t have work experience in the US, and probably I will need to start all over again.” Following this ambitious nature, he delivered donut boxes to 40 different companies with a link to his LinkedIn profile and a note reading, “Most resumes end up in trash. Mine – in your belly.” In an email to Thrillist he confirms that he’s had 10 interviews to date and adds, “Recruiters, marketing pros and people in general love this kind of approach, it’s something you didn’t expect, fun and out of the box.” In this case it’s out of the box into the mouth of top marketing companies in the San Fransisco area. Interestingly, in a conversation with Adfreak, Yla says that he’s seen “better outcomes from targeting tech businesses” and some of the big firms proved to be trickier to get face-time. In agencies like AKQA and Grey, he wasn’t allowed to personally deliver the donut resumes and had to leave them at the reception desk. He even tweeted out a photo of the donut resume to the CMO at Lyft informing her of his intentions, when he couldn’t speak with her personally.

 Yla assures Adfreak that this strategy in itself was a marketing campaign. He looked at his target audience, chose the message he wanted to deliver and launched the project. And so far, he’s gotten some big results. Sending 40 packages and getting 10 reviews in return, that’s a 25% response rate. When the typical range is usually under 5%, we think this guy is doing something right. Yla’s plot to turn donuts into dollars goes way beyond resume keyword analysis and selling yourself to a full inbox of resumes. Love it or hate it, Lukas Yla has made national headlines with his donut approach to breaking into the marketing industry in the US.