If you’ve seen people walking around buried in their phones, not paying attention to their surroundings and searching for the nearest “gym”, chances are that they’re playing Pokémon Go, not looking to get in shape. Since it’s July 6th release, Pokémon Go has easily climbed to the top of the iPhone and Android app stores and become one of the most downloaded games of the summer. Taking the world by storm, this game has redefined an era of 90s gaming and has brought people together as they catch Pikachus, Charmanders and some of the rarest Pokémon the game has to offer. It’s no wonder that many restaurants have taken advantage of the game’s popularity, by making their businesses Pokéstops. But what we’re most interested in, is the overwhelming amount of Pokémon Go themed donuts and cronuts popping up across the globe. These treats are essential for any trainer hunting for their next Poké-pray or hoping to make their Instagram followers super jealous.

If you’re a diehard Poké-player in Ireland, you’ll have more that one chance to pick up a treat that’s almost as awesome as your training skills. One boardgame café in Galway, Ireland, Dungeons and Donuts, is known for selling themed donuts catering to Star Wars and Game of Thrones fans alike. But now they’re offering the Pokénut, “a raspberry jelly donut, topped with vanilla icing and strawberry bubblegum crumb with chocolate fudge icing” for 2 EU each. Dublin born Krüst Bakery, has created a Pokémon cronut and even posted a photo of this exclusive sweet through the virtual reality of the actual game. We can only hope that costumers will eat these creations and not throw them at unsuspecting Pokémon while playing!

Doughnut Plant Pokeseed
Of course in the US there’s plenty of options to pick up a Pokémon themed donut to fit your weirdest of cravings. NY based Doughnut Plant released a Pokémon themed donut that they call the Pokéseed, filled with peach and strawberry cream paying “homage to the pecha berry – which cures your injured or poisoned Pokémon”. Lower East Side store manager Jen Chabla claims that business has increased because of these treats and they usually sell out in under two hours. Nanis, in Boynton Beach, Florida, has put Pokéball donuts on their shelves and even held a little contest asking diners to translate Poké-sayings from from their social media pages to receive a free donut. Some donut joints like Sweet as Honey in Tennessee are giving Pokémon players incentive to come in for a treat while on the hunt for the rarest of creatures. If you catch a Pokémon at their store, snap a pic and post it to Facebook, you’ll get a free Pokémon decal!

Doughnut Time Pokemon
Australia seems to “take the donut” with their Pokémon treats, coming up with some of the most mouth-watering and creative ones yet. Doughnut Time, with over 20 locations across Australia, is selling a limited time “I Pika Choose You” donut with the slogan, “you’ll have to be quick to catch them all – once they’re gone they’re gone!” The biggest catch about this Poké-nut is that it is oozing with Nutella, something that GameSpot Australia has mixed emotions about. The Insta-famous Vickie Liu created limited time Pikachu and Pokéball donuts for the Darling Cafe in Melbourne. Ms. Liu says that these delicacies “weren’t too difficult to make” and her Instagram photo featuring these limited edition donuts has earner 19.4k likes and counting. Speedo Cafe, located in a suburb of Sydney, has put out an eye-catching Pokéball cronut that features a seemingly plain flavor brought to life by the edible appliqué placed on top. Whatever your preference, Australia has some awesome donut bakers trying to help us “eat them all”.

Made these for @darlingcafe over the weekend

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With so many donut shops taking advantage of this Pokémon craze, you’re sure to find some amazingly clever options. From coast to coast and country to country, there’s no denying that these Pokémon donuts will go down in history. Even Brock, one of the most famous Pokémon trainers from the TV show, knows that, “Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut!”