What were you doing when you were 15 years old? Probably not running your own business, launching a pop-up shop or racking in an astounding 16.7K Instagram followers. , also know as “Melbourne’s Doughnut Prince” is doing all that and more. Daily Telegraph reports thats what started as a chat with a local cafe in 2013 has lead to a full blown 40 hour a week business, with Hipworth baking about 500 donuts to sell to six different cafes in the Melbourne area. But the most eye catching part of this story is that his tasty creations are topped with syringes filled with extra deliciousness for you to inject right into your donut. Age aside, Morgan Hipworth has proven himself by juggling full time school, donut deliveries and creating a mind-blowing way to enjoy your treats.

As a young boy, Morgan taught himself to cook after taking an interest in “MasterChef” on the thought that “if they can do it I can do it”. On the weekends he would invite his parents to take a seat at Bistro Morgan and indulge in a three course meal that he spent most of the day cooking. And thus a love of cooking was instilled in this chef at a young age. It was after he moved into making gourmet donuts that Bistro Morgan left the comfort of the family living room and began to take off. According to Daily Mail, has first batch of love-heart shaped donuts sold out in just an hour.

Morgan Hipworth

Now, Bistro Morgan specializes in “handmade, hand-dipped artisan doughnuts created in small batches for a large following.” Donuts are made fresh to order at Bistro Morgan HQ (aka the Hipworth residence) and he aims to use high-quality, natural ingredients. He hits all of the top flavors on the head with Nutella, original glazed and salted caramel, as well as creating some others of note like the “Fruit Loops Syringe Doughnut” or the “Peanut Butter Jelly and Popcorn Doughnut”. He’s spend about two years working up his donut profile to reach the six hipster-chic stores he’s currently selling at and has recently launched a week long pop-up show from September 18th-25th. His donuts tend to sell out daily within two or three hours on the weekends and he obviously isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Even as his business grows, he wants to keep the “small-batch” approach claiming “if someone else does it, they’re not Bistro Morgan doughnuts”.

The most amazing thing about Morgan Hipworth is how he already views Bistro Morgan as a platform for bigger and better things and is already looking beyond the donut. “Donuts might not “always be the flavor of the month”. He’s happy with the success he’s has thus far but dreams about opening his own string of restaurants and cafes. He does seem to be well on his way to becoming a successful business owner being so young and already taking business management courses in school and working towards become a qualified chef. One thing is definitely for sure, Morgan Hipworth knows how to make a donut that is truly a work of art and leaves your mouth-watering with a single picture.