Ever wonder what Dunkin’ Donuts look like around the world? With a global presence of over 3,100 stores in 30 different countries outside of the U.S., Dunkin’ has been working to expand their empire “from Asia to Latin America and everywhere in between”. At these global locations, you’re sure to find different types of delights like tiramisu in China, banana croissants in Indonesia, and cereal topped donuts in Korea. But taking a closer look at some of these locations you are bound to also find some more wild flavors along the way!

In 2015, Dunkin’ Donuts announced plans to open over 1,000 new locations in China. In countries like China, these Western fast food chains are seen as “higher-end options for casual dining”. Time claims that these chains have adapted their menus to fit the local tastes for certain foods. According to Daily Meal, you can find “Shake Shake” Munchkins at Dunkin’ Donuts locations across China. They are described as donut holes treated almost like savory beignets. With flavors like “spicy, roast and pizza” they are supposed to be a sweet and savory treat. Although this article may be a bit outdated, there is evidence on the Dunkin’ Donuts website that they did exist at some point! What you can definitely find in a Dunkin’ Donuts in China right now is a Dry Pork and Seaweed Donut or a Curry Beef Donut.

In Indonesia, you’re in for a whole new type of donut-gone-wild combination. You can enjoy a Cheese Topping Donut or a Black Cheese topping donut. From the photos of their website, it looks like a glazed donut topped with frosting and shredded cheese and a black frosted donut with a shredded cheese ring along the side. They are separate from the other donuts in a tab called “fancies”, perhaps indicated that they are some sort of delicacy!

Although there isn’t any evidence of this on Dunkin’ Donut Korea’s website, according to the Daily Meal article, you can find a Kimchi donut. It’s more of a croquette but is it filled with spicy kimchi and possibly pork. In to this YouTube video one diner explored this option, learning that they toast it before serving, it smells like pizza and doesn’t even taste that bad.

In a few Asian locations like China, Korean and Thailand, you can find Mochi Ring Donuts in tons of flavors like green tea, mocha, strawberry and more. Mocha is a glutinous rice substance that is actually quite delicious! These donuts are unique in how they tear apart into little rounds and have quite a distinct shape. We even came across a Belgian Mint Choco flavor on the Indonesian Dunkin’ Donuts website.

No matter what sort of bizarre treats you’re into, visiting these Asian Dunkin’ Donut locations are sure to tickle your taste buds. And of course, they have some more traditional Dunkin’ favorites like Classic Glazed, Bavarian Cream, and Strawberry Frosted. Have you had a personal run-in with any crazy DD treats from around the world? Leave us a comment below!

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