Move over China! There’s a new great wall in town, and it’s made of donuts! Yes, the sugary, round rings of dough that fuel our days and beckon us in our sleep are now beautiful and edible wall art displays.

Donut walls are the hot new dessert craze at weddings, birthdays, baby showers, brunches, you name it. These tasty dough rounds make the perfect party dessert and decor piece. Arranged in grid formation, cool shapes and cute words, the options for confection creativity are endless. Where there is a donut wall, there is a way. Sorry cakes and cupcakes, your frilly fondant is no match for the fried, glazed and sprinkled, ooey, gooey goodness of donuts. Not just any donuts, donuts you can eat right off a wall, people!

Many couples getting married are skipping out on the formal dessert table and opting for a fun and interactive dessert bar of sorts, where guests can make their own treats or, in this case, eat their dessert right off a pegboard. Pegboards never looked so cool! What better way to impress your friends and family then a huge wall filled with bright and colorful donuts that match your wedding color scheme or spell out your initials. And let’s not forget the “hole” whack of donut puns that make donut walls that much sweeter.

But it’s not just sweet-toothed twosomes that are getting in on the donut fun, pretty much any type of gathering can use a donut wall. After all, donuts are the universal sugary, social snack; so why not think outside the donut box for your next soiree and put your crafty skills to the test. You don’t have to be a pastry Picasso to create a drool-worthy display. There are lots of tutorials online with easy instructions on how to create all kinds of donut walls.

Instagram and Pinterest are also bursting with gorgeous inspiration. You could go for a muted background with pops of different colored iced rings or choose a chocolate or vanilla glaze and let the sprinkles set a bright scene. For a fancy touch, add some glittery garnishes, or if you prefer your donuts with more substance than flair, a bright and bold backdrop can make any donut display stand out.

Just a wall of donuts #nom #donut #donutwall

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Why stop at parties? You can create a mini donut wall to display in your home when guests come over or just for yourself when you’re craving a late-night treat. Heck, if we had it our way, every wall in the house would be decorated with donuts. Seriously, can we make this happen?

No matter where you put them or how you display them—hanging on a wall, delicately dangling from hooks or beautifully arranged on vintage shelves, donut walls are the perfect compliment to any dessert table and a memorable conversation piece that will have your guests talking for years to come.