In 2016, we are all striving to get over 11 likes, use the right hashtags, and gain more than 500 followers. Instagram has become a force in today’s world and has brought people from all around the globe together. Bakers have been sharing their various adventures and escapades in the kitchen, leaving us drooling and wanting more. I caught up with Vickie Liu, Australian native and amateur baker with an affinity for making the world’s cutest donuts. Her use of vibrant colors and fun characters has helped her to stand out and catch the attention of IG users and other bloggers alike.


Unicorn pusheen donut ft. Magical nails from @iscreamnails 😍🐱🌈 Thanks @yomebyday for the amazing nail art 💕

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The modest Ms. Liu says that her rise to Instagram fame was a bit of an accident. She began baking and sharing her escapades on her page after graduating from college with her undergrad. Once people started following her and leaving encouraging comments, it kind of took off from there. How does she continue to grow her following? She posts content that gets the most engagement, posts regularly, and interact with her followers. She was also lucky enough to be featured on the official Instagram page, the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and other sites from around the world.

Vickie’s adorable animal donuts are what caught my eye. She says that Kawaii and Japanese pop culture inspire a lot of her baking and it was no different with the donuts. Each donut looks unique and her decorating skills are really something to brag about. She admits that her decorating is better than her recipe developing, but she does adapt and create her own recipes with a lot of trial and error. Although she claims it can be frustrating and a long process at times, she uses other blogs, books, and YouTube videos to inspire her and come up with new ideas. Vickie had seen animal donuts around and decided to give it a try with her own unique spin, of course.

As her following grows and her donuts become more elaborate, Vickie only becomes more intricate with her designs and flavors. Her favorite donut that she’s made to date is the first ever panda donut, but she’ll always have a soft spot for her Totoro donuts with a Susuwatari cake pop in the center (characters from an anime film). She’s been working on developing projects for a few brands and developing new Kawaii donut designs and flavors for her next market.

Instagram makes the world a smaller place and has the ability to connect us to people all over the world at a touch of a button. Vickie has been able to find success through her baking in an online community, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon! Her adorable donut creatures and amazing decorating skills have made her known all over the world. From her kitchen in Australia, she has been able to share her donuts with us, and we absolutely love them!