Ring-shaped desserts, like donuts, are a special part of many New Years Celebrations across the globe. I mean, nothing helps ease the effects of a post-New Year’s Eve bender quite like a strong cup of coffee and a dozen fried rings. But donuts and other circular confections are also a symbol of wealth and prosperity and the year coming full circle. Countries including Holland and Germany believe that consuming donuts on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will help bring good luck.

The Dutch welcome the new year with champagne, fireworks and heaps of fried dough balls called oliebollen. These pastries dusted in powdered sugar and filled with apples and raisins are one of the most widespread New Year’s Eve traditions in the Netherlands. Not only will eating oily balls bring you good fortune, but they’re also believed to keep the evil spirits away. In Germany, the sought after midnight kiss is almost always sealed with a hint of tasty jam. On Silvester (New Year’s Eve), jelly donuts known as Berliner are the dessert of choice; unless yours comes filled with mustard, then expect to have a bad year. Not to worry, just make sure to stock up on a few extra lucky marzipan pigs or four-leaved clovers to cancel out the bad vibes.

So while you spend the next few days recovering from a night of drunken debauchery while eating your way into a sugar-induced coma, just remember, sweet things are coming your way in 2018.