Donuts have come a long way from the oily balls your oma use to fondle in the kitchen around the holidays. Now donuts are a morning staple with new exciting flavors and unique concoctions popping up on menus all over the country. Culinary professionals are even using donuts as substitutes for bread, buns, and nacho chips! It’s not just hipsters who are in love with fancy donuts either. According to the annual “What’s hot 2018 culinary forecast” from the National Restaurant Association, donuts with non-traditional fillings are one of the top menu trends that are on the rise this year with each donut shop and restaurant offering their own take on the traditional treat.

Out of the 64% of chefs surveyed, 20% said s’mores was the leading unique flavor they were willing to try, 18% said mango and 17% preferred alcohol-inspired donuts. Breakfast cereal, bacon-infused, and peanut butter and jelly were all tied at 16%.

Firecakes in Chicago is known for its sweet topping options like peanut butter cup, maple glazed pineapple with bacon and ice cream sandwich donut.

Stan’s Donuts, with multiple locations in Los Angeles and Chicago, features scrumptious specialties such as glazed pretzel and blueberry cream cheese while the Donut Savant in Oakland, California puts an ethnic spin on a plain cake donut with their Thai Dust, which is made with toasted coconut, fresh ginger, kaffir lime and roasted chilies.

Just when you think they’ve thought of everything, places like Weston Foods, Ontario surprise us with the best donut collaboration ever—donut nachos! A cluster of donuts that look like tortilla chips paired with classic Mexican toppings like beef chili, shredded cheese, sour cream, and salsa or sweet varieties like berries, whipped cream, yogurt, chopped nuts, and more.

What new donut concoction are you excited to try? Or if you could create your own original donut, what would it be? Let us know in the comments.