Two North Carolina born brands are making a splash this summer with a new, sugary and one-of-a-kind drink. That’s right – if you’re in the Carolinas this summer, you can pick up the newly created Cheerwine Kreme. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Cheerwine is a black-cherry soda drink hailing from Salisbury and of course our beloved Krispy Kreme from none other than Winston-Salem.

Krispy Kreme Cheerwine

Cheerwine Kreme is a donut-flavored cherry soda that’s breaking all the rules, and we love it. Both known for being southern power house brands, this is not their first collaboration. The summers of 2010 and 2011, the two teamed up to create a Krispy Kreme Cheerwine donut. It was a “Krispy Kreme doughnut filled with Cheerwine-flavored creme and topped with chocolate glaze and sprinkles”. So it seems natural that five years later they’ve come up with another concoction to satisfy your deepest, darkest and most southern of cravings. “When Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme come together, great flavor collisions happen,” said Joy Ritchie Harper, Cheerwine’s head of marketing.

On every bottle the saying “Two southern classics, one legendary taste” is printed. Although Krispy Kreme has international distribution and is known all over the world, Cheerwine is still sold predominately in the south. Even with Krispy Kreme recently going private, it didn’t stop them from creating one epic summer beverage with their local friends at Cheerwine.

#CheerwineKreme is here! It’s Cheerwine with the flavorful hint of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed doughnut.

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Even though it’s not a donut flavored soda in the purest sense, Cheerwine Kreme “features Cheerwine mixed with a hint of Krispy Kreme Original glaze”, so we’re betting it’s pretty close. The color resembles a lighter version of the dark cherry-red original Cheerwine and doesn’t come in the signature glass bottle. But it is available at regional grocery stores like Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Kroger, and some Krispy Kreme locations. You’ll want to get your hands on a bottle of Cheerwine Kreme if you’re in the area just on sheer principle. And if you’re not in the area, you can pick up a 6 pack of 20 ounce bottles online for a mere $7.50.

Delicious!!!!! #cheerwinekreme

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Some taste testers at the Charlotte Observer claimed it tasted “as the name would make you think, it’s definitely similar to a cream soda with a cherry chaser.” Others who loved it claimed to have an uncontrollable sweet tooth. Some who didn’t take to it as much said it tasted like diet cream soda, and not in a good way. For those who are more health-conscious, you might want to steer clear, as Cheerwine Kreme has 10 more calories and 3 more grams of sugar than a 12-ounce can of regular Coke. Either way, we’re dying to know what this Cheerwine Kreme tastes like, calories and all! As their TV commercial insinuates, “Betcha can’t not smile”!