In this crazy and uncertain world, what could be more comforting than a doughnut and a cup of coffee? To be the one to bring that to people … there could be no higher calling than that.

– Arthur, in Superior Donuts.

Superior Donuts, a comedy on CBS, follows the relationship between a 65-year-old donut shop proprietor, his hip young employee, and their quirky regulars. It’s Barber Shop meets Cheers except everyone is hopped up on donuts and coffee instead of hair tonic and booze.

The sitcom, based on a 2008 play by Tracy Letts, is set in a gentrifying Chicago neighborhood in a small, retro donut shop that’s gone stale. Arthur (Judd Hirsch), the curmudgeon shop owner, is struggling to keep his business afloat in a world of cronuts, duffins, muffnuts, and free Wi-Fi. All of which are not offered at Superior Donuts. When a Starbucks moves in across the street, Arthur contemplates closing up shop, fearing his donut days are done. But then, ambitious millennial Franco (Jermaine Fowler) walks in asking for a job and offers to help modernize the shop and restore its old-school charm.

Franco wastes no time shaking up the joint, unveiling a new hit flavor Sriracha-glaze (aka catnip for hipsters). At first, Arthur is resistant to all of Franco’s creative ideas, but eventually, the old dog comes around realizing he could do with learning some new tricks. The unlikely pair forms a bond not only with each other but with their regulars, including a sassy cop (Katy Segal), a wealthy Middle Eastern real estate developer (Maz Jobrani), a wacky jack-of-all-trades (David Koechner), and a crunchy, cute food-truck owner (Diane Guerrero). Together they tackle social issues, including race, gender, police violence and more with the help of America’s power couple coffee and donuts. 

It’s a fun watering-hole comedy that will have your belly laughing and growling at the same time. Not intended for hungry audiences.

Superior Donuts airs Mondays 9/8c on CBS.