Dough! Dough! Dough! Happy Holidays, everyone! It’s that wonderful time of year again when donut shops release their holiday flavors. What better way to celebrate the season than gorging on deep-fried Christmas cheer!

If you’re looking to bribe your way onto the Nice List this year, leave Old St. Nick a plate of Dunkin’ Donuts cookie-inspired rings. Offering the best of both worlds, the sugar cookie donut is filled with cookie dough-flavored cream while the gingerbread yeast donut is slathered in caramel frosting and both are topped with cookie crumble.

The Santa Belly donut from Krispy Kreme is bursting at the seams with rich chocolate Kreme™ and dressed like Santa’s best asset, his belly, in red and chocolate icing. You can also enjoy sweet revenge on Jack Frost by nipping at his candy nose with the Melted Snowman Kreme™ filled donut.

Picking out a Christmas tree this year is easy thanks to Doughnut Plant’s fresh mint glaze and mint chocolate pudding concoction. If you can catch their Gingerdough Man, he’s an adorable treat you can’t resist to eat. And you would be wise this holiday to follow Doughnut Plant’s Marzipan Star, which will lead you to the sweet pleasure of housemade marzipan with real almonds.

On the fifth day of Christmas, the donut gods gave to me: Five Golden Rings! This holiday, bring home a box of assorted donuts from Speakeasy featuring Figgy Pudding, Mint Chocolate, Maple Bacon Pecan French Toast and Yellow Snow. Throw in a JägerNog, with Jägermeister and Eggnog filling, from Sanremo Bakery and you’re guaranteed to be the new family favorite.